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Are you looking for drop-in replacements for discontinued Schneider and Sick relays?

Recently Schneider and Sick discontinued a number of their safety controllers. These include general-purpose safety relays, two-hand controllers, stop & switch monitoring controllers, timed safety controllers for emergency stop & protective guards, controllers for elevators, and expansion units.

To find an easy drop-in replacement for these relays, download our cross-reference list below.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us directly and we will be happy to assist you in selecting the right safety components for your project.

Did you know Wieland Electric is the original manufacturer of these safety relays?

Our safe relays are the perfect drop-in replacement for these discontinued units because Wieland Electric is the original manufacturer. We can supply the replacement units and any additional functional safety equipment or service to make your machine safe and compliant.

Whether your operations involve logistics, material handling, presses, robotics, or packaging machinery, Wieland Electric is the trusted industry resource to ensure your machines have full-access protection from the input sensors to the control panel. Choose from a range of compact solutions that integrate logic and sensor technology, multi-purpose relays with mono-flop functions, and fully-loaded safety logic controllers.

Wieland application engineers and functional safety experts can help advise you on any questions you may have on machine functional safety. Send us your questions