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Complete Functional Safety Solutions for Industrial Machinery and Projects

Solutions Overview

Keeping workers safe and keeping the production line going may seem contradictory, but in most cases, safety solutions increase productivity and machine availability. Safety doesn’t start or end with safe-sensor technology either. We can help you ensure the safety of your machines throughout their lifecycle with comprehensive services, support, and adviceOur functional safety solutions are designed to reliably support industrial clients in analog signal processing, industrial press control, and material flow.

At the heart of each solution is the samos® PRO COMPACT safety logic controller. The most compact and versatile in its class, this safety controller includes a large library of TÜV-certified safety functions, integrated status and diagnosis functions, and easy-to-use programming software.

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Hazard and risk analyses can be conducted efficiently using SISTEMA software. This tool was developed by the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance (IFA). It is specifically designed to allow the requisite machine safety functions to be defined and accurately calculated.

Your samos® PRO COMPACT safety controller includes the samos® PLAN 6 safety software, complete with pre-defined safety function blocks set according to current industry standards. All data from Wieland safety components and safety systems are uploaded, calculated, and documented to the Performance Levels (PL) in accordance with DIN EN 13849-1.


Most machine safety applications do not require the cost and complexity of a safety programmable logic controller (PLC). Many applications can be handled smoothly with our samos® PRO COMPACT safety controller, which comes equipped with expandable module capability.

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