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Hello Analog Modules ─ Visualizing Safe Analog

samos® PRO COMPACT ─ Solutions for safe, decentralized control of industrial processing systems

 With constantly changing safety guidelines, machine safety can often seem overly complicated. In this video, however, we simplify the complexity of functional machine safety through user-friendly programming, compact controllers, and individual consultation. Safe and easy analog signals with decentralized control, in compliance with regional safety regulations.

HMI ECO Touch Panels from Wieland Electric

HMI Touch Panels ─ A visualization of the operation and monitoring functions

Simplify your machine’s operations with HMI-ECO Touch Panels. The Human Machine Interface (HMI) is very robust and resistant to extreme conditions and protected against powerful hose water, in accordance with IP66. Available in three different sizes (4.3 “, 7″ and 10”).

samos® PRO COMPACT ─ Power in Safety from Wieland Electric

samos® PRO COMPACT: The new generation of programmable safety controls

The safety controller of the next generation. With integrated USB, Ethernet, and Industrial Ethernet communication, users can access the samos® PLAN 6 software tool, featuring flexible programming, integrated simulation, and logic analysis.

Control Cabinet Solutions ─ Wieland Electric

Control Cabinet Solutions ─ Wieland Electric

From the original inventor of the safe electrical connection, Wieland Electric offers the broadest portfolio of intelligent electronics and time-saving installation systems and products─all from a single source.