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Certification, training, and consultation support for fully compliant systems

Engage our TUV certified safety experts to help you navigate through the machine safety life-cycle and comply with the latest safety standards and regulations. We can help make machine safety easy and simple. Give us a call today.


Certified Electrical Safety Engineer (CESE) certificate courses are the best way to make sure you team is up to speed on the latest laws and standards for functional machine safety in manufacturing industries. Wieland Electric provides globally recognized SGS-TÜV Saar certification, which covers the functional safety aspects of machinery with a focus on programmable electrical, electronic, and electro-mechanical aspects.

Course Contents

  • Directives, laws and standards
  • Risk assessment according to EN ISO 12100
  • Functional safety according to EN ISO 13849-1 and -2
  • Sensors, logic, and actuators related to safety (Safety Functions)
  • Realization of safety performance level (PL)
  • Verification & validation of safety systems
This course is intended for anyone involved in machine safety who would like to gain a deep understanding of the requirements for designing a safety system, such as design engineers, application engineers, system integrators, service and maintenance personnel, safety specialists and machine functional safety experts.

The course is split in two sessions. The first session is 2 days long and covers safety basics. The second session is three days long and includes the TÜV certification exam.

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