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Wieland Electric was originally founded in 1910 in Germany, starting with just 10 employees. In 1925, founder Fritz Wieland developed the first-ever safe electrical connector, a separable slotted terminal that propelled the company to success. Over the years, Wieland has become recognized as a world leader in the field of flexible, pluggable installation solutions for functional spaces.

Today, Wieland has grown to 15 subsidiaries worldwide, selling products in over 70 countries on 5 continents. Wieland’s innovative products and services continue to revolutionize electrical connections to this day, with the goal to increase reliability, efficiency, and safety. With solutions that span many industries and applications, Wieland is your trusted global partner for machine safety.


Wieland as world market leader

Wieland sets standards. The company scores big points with flexible and pluggable installation solutions for functional buildings. That does not go unnoticed. The German business magazine, “Wirtschaftswoche” recognizes Wieland as a world market leader in this field.


Internet of Things

Industry is undergoing a revolution – and Wieland is at the forefront. On the path towards intelligent production, Wieland is developing flexible installation concepts and communication solutions. The aim is to create the ideal infrastructure for industry and the building of the future; fully aligned with the company’s motto: easy, quick + safe.


Individual industry solutions

The development towards a solution provider opened up new opportunities for Wieland. Product systems were specified and combined through specialization on the fields of mechanical engineering, wind power, building and lighting technology, elevator systems and HVAC. This allowed the company to create an individual and flexible range.


wieMotion: Wieland Mission and Vision

In the year 2015, Wieland’s corporate mission was modernized. Since then, innovation and quality have been the driving forces for production and our interaction with employees and customers. The company is dedicated to responsible conduct in the areas of diversity, sustainability and social issues. Thus, Wieland is placing its focus on a green future.


Safety and Safety-Service

In addition to productivity and efficiency of machines, functional safety is at the core of our efforts. According to the motto safety and safety service, Wieland developed various safety systems and safety control systems, guaranteeing the safe handling of machines. With safety analyses, Wieland provides support in the selection and implementation of required protective measures.


Safety control of the new generation

With the introduction of the safety control system samos® PRO, Wieland developed a product that expanded the company’s capabilities in the field of safety. As the smallest universal safety control of the next generation, samos® PRO is used in mechanical engineering and plant construction.


Safety in focus

Acquisition of the Schleicher company expands Wieland’s product range. Especially in the area of fieldbus, Ethernet, PC-based control and relay technology, the company benefits from the takeover. At that same time, Wieland launched a new product for outdoor areas. The RST® CLASSIC is a round connector for use in difficult environmental conditions. Since that time, the round plug is used for wiring outside lighting, construction site containers or solar systems. Thus, plug connectors systems from Wieland are also used in these areas.


podis® – The solution for decentralized energy distribution

The podis® system is introduced for decentralized energy distribution in the market for conveyor systems. In the meantime, podis® and gesis® are considered the standard in industry automation, eliminating large control cabinets, distribution cabinets and a variety of cables from production lines.


Wieland in the tallest buildings in the world

The Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, at that time the world’s tallest skyscrapers, presented a challenge in terms of electrical installation. Wieland installed gesis® there to safeguard the power and data supply in the 88 floors of the buildings.


Wieland takes over STOCKO

With the takeover of STOCKO Metallwarenfabrik in 1998, Wieland supplemented its product variety. In the fields of production, development, sales and safety, Wieland grew through acquisitions towards becoming a full-range supplier.


Wieland goes international

In the aftermath of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Wieland expanded its sales activities from 1989. Through the establishment of several subsidiaries in Europe and overseas, initial branch locations were created in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. 11 additional subsidiaries followed in Europe and Asia.


gesis® – Innovation in installation technology

In 1977, Wieland presented an innovation in the installation technology market. With the invention of the gesis® product group, cable connections can be plugged. The plug system saves over half the installation time. With gesis®, Wieland introduced the first safe electrical plug connection. The invention has proven itself to this day, enabling Wieland to gain market leadership in the area of pluggable electrical installation.


Wieland grows

A company is only as good as its employees. Whereas Wieland began production with 10 workers, by 1973 the company already employed 1000 people. The company continued to hire not only employees in administration but above all factory workers. At that time, production was focused on the first standardized connector for heating systems. As a result, the first pre-assembled electrical components for heating equipment appeared on the market under the name of “ST18”.


Shipments throughout the world

Since production of the Wieland terminal, Wieland developed into one of the leading companies in the market for electromechanical components. Soon, the products were already in high demand from abroad. Thus, Wieland began exporting. From the year 1970, products were sold to 51 countries on 5 continents. Over the course of time, Wieland established 14 subsidiaries all over the world.


Development of rail-mounted terminal blocks

“It is our steadfast endeavor to deliver the best and most reliable terminals”, assured Wieland in his main catalog in the year 1953. Through automated production of rail-mounted terminal blocks, the company kept up to date with the latest requirements of industry.


Wieland at the first Hanover Fair

The Hanover Fair is considered an icon of German economic power. Wieland was one of the first exhibitors from the beginning in the year 1947. Since that time, in addition to established products, the company has used the fair to showcase its innovations.


The Wieland terminal

With the invention of a separable slotted terminal, Fritz Wieland propelled his company to success. Above all, the so-called Wieland terminal proved to be of higher quality than all other slotted terminals at that time. As the first safe electrical connection, the terminal proved itself millions of times over and was ultimately approved as a German imperial patent.



The company “Elektrische Industrie Fritz Wieland “started production in the year 1910. Initially, signal devices for measuring current losses and junction boxes were handcrafted by 10 employees. The founder, Fritz Wieland, later even received an imperial patent for the product.