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Components, Service and Software

Why Wieland

Wieland Electric provides a complete line-up of machine functional safety products, software, and service solutions based around our core mission of safety. We are proud to offer our clients a global presence, with 15 subsidiaries representing more than 70 countries.

Whether you are seeking a reliable functional safety solutions provider, expert advice and support, or state-of-the-art electrical products, you can count on Wieland Electric as an industry leader.

With our high-quality electrical components, unmatched functional safety expertise, and robust supply chain, you can always count us to help you keep your machines working safely.


  • Extensive R&D resources to support customized solutions
  • Certification, training, verification & validation support
  • Certified safety engineers to guide you through machine safety lifecycle
  • Quick quotation and prototyping
  • High production capacity for large projects
  • Prefabricated components for ease of installation
  • Local teams and warehouse in North America
  • Friendly and professional customer service
  • Shipments 3 times a week from Germany
  • In-depth online CAD resource library


Whether you want to be part of our global team of machine safety experts through one of our (CESE) TÜV certification courses, need safety services or safety-related components, Wieland Electric is pleased to provide you the support that you need.

At Wieland Electric, we are committed to offering our clients not only outstanding machine functional safety solutions but also environmentally-sound, high-quality products─with certifications ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 to guarantee we can provide you the best in the business.