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Versatile and Durable Safety Command Devices


Wieland Electric offers a range of safety command devices that are flexible, reliable, and robust. Our sensor PRO emergency stops are designed to meet various application requirements, providing the highest level of flexibility. They are available as ready-to-use or configurable devices, allowing for easy customization. Our emergency stop switches can be equipped with self-monitoring contact blocks, ensuring optimal functional safety. Additionally, the M12 connection variants enable quick and hassle-free on-site installation.

Key Features of the Sensor PRO Emergency Stops

  • Ready-to-use or configurable options
  • Compliance with tamper-proof guidelines and standards
  • Availability of self-monitoring contact blocks
  • Switching position indicator for easy troubleshooting
  • Suitable for applications up to IP69K ratin

Introducing the M12 – Available Now:

The M12 emergency stop pushbutton with a standard M12 connection is quick and error-free to install. Suitable for installation in the field as well as electrical panels and cabinets. Choose from surface and panel mount versions. These M12 variants are suitable for applications up to PL e/SIL 3 with the corresponding evaluation.

ADVANTAGES of the Sensor PRO Emergency Stops

  • Customized or standard solutions to meet diverse application requirements
  • Reliable and secure machine/plant stop during emergencies
  • Detection of improper assembly or contact block damage
  • Quick on-site troubleshooting with the switching position display
  • Reliable performance in harsh environmental conditions

At Wieland Electric, we are committed to delivering flexible, reliable, and robust safety command devices. With our sensor PRO emergency stops, you can ensure the safety of your operations while maintaining efficiency and adaptability.