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Take the guesswork out of machine safety with Wieland’s intuitive software companion ─ samos® PLAN 6. Complete with a pre-loaded library of TUV certified safety function blocks, system validation & verification, and documentation, this powerful software can be tailored to manage a variety of safety standards for your machines.


  • Quick, intuitive software
  • Ability to easily customize your configurations and parameters as required
  • Easy-to-follow, easy-to-use interface
  • Built-in simulations enable real-time safety designs on the stand
  • Programmable to match local industry standards and unique operating requirements
  • No prior knowledge of PLC programming languages required
  • All customized applications and settings are saved internally on a removable memory drive, eliminating disruptions to your operations if replacement is needed
If you are curious about the benefits of the samos® PLAN 6 software, try a demo today to see just how easy it is to set, validate, and verify your safety functions.

Unlike most demos, we won’t restrict the available functions for or set a time limit on our software, because we want to make machine safety easy and accessible. You can enjoy the full version for as long as you like, and simply call us when you need assistance.

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