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Safety Guarding, Safety Controllers, and Training 
─ Safety First, Quality Always


Keeping workers safe and keeping the production line going are our top priorities too. Machine guarding or safety guarding your equipment is only the first step. We focus on safety solutions that increase your productivity and machine availability by providing the hardware, software and services for the safe operation of industrial machinery. 

All of our functional safety components have global approvals and meet the latest in industry health and safety standards. Wieland Functional Safety Experts can help bring your project into compliance with CE, ISO 12100, ANSI B11, and all other relevant safety standards.

Featured Products

Our line-up includes Safety Relays, Safety Logic Controllers, Safety Input Devices,  Safety Programming Software (with a certified built-in library of functions), Safety Services (risk assessments, lockout / tag-out, CE marking, Validation, and more), and Safety Training, such as TÜV certification courses.


General Purpose Safe Relay


CESE Certificate Courses

Internationally recognized professional certification based on the most widely used machine safety standards.

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Past Recording 
Machine Safety Forum

Presentations and round-table discussions on functional machine safety with industry experts.

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March 28-31, 2022

Heading back on the road and showcasing the new motion functions of the samosPRO programmable controller! Ideal for Automatic storage & retrieval systems. 

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Benefits of Wieland Solutions

  • Reliable supplier in all seasons and situations, including times of crisis
  • In-depth industry expertise in machine safety for analog, combustion, and others
  • Certified experts for on-site assessments and safety training
  • High-quality electrical components widely trusted in the industry
  • Compliance with the latest ISO standards and requirements
  • Global company with a personable, local approach


Our certified safety specialists can help ensure your machines and facilities are up-to-date with the latest functional safety regulations by providing on-site assessments, training, and certifications.


Spend less time programming with our large predefined safety function block library certified by TÜV. Included with every purchase of samos® PRO COMPACT, the samos® PLAN 6 software enables the end-user to easily map out, verify, and validate all required safety functions

About Wieland Electric

Wieland Electric is a global electrical component manufacturing company, well known as the inventor of the safe electrical connection terminal. In business for over 100 years, Wieland provides electrical connection, power, and safety solutions for machine building, factory automation, power distribution, Industry 4.0, plant engineering, and industrial applications.
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