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Wieland Electric Contact Expansion Relays Deliver Cost-Effective Safety Circuit Outputs

The SNE1 features two positively-driven changeover contacts (2 x SPDT); while the SNE 4012 features two normally-open enabling current paths (2 x NO); and the SNE 4024 provides two pairs of independently-actuated enabling current paths (2 x 2 NO). Housed in a 22.5mm DIN rail module, the SNE Series expansion relays are rated for 6A / 230VAC switching capacity and the SNE is rated for 8A / 230VAC switching capacity.

“Designed for use in conjunction with base devices from Wieland’s S4000 Series, or samos® and samos®PRO programmable safety controllers, the SNE Series additions offer convenience and cost efficiency by tailoring our relays to your application,” said Martin Lalonde, application engineer at Wieland Electric.

The SNE Series contact extension relays are available in either screw-clamp or spring-clamp configurations to minimize assembly labor and reduce maintenance time.

SNE Series devices are approved for machine safety applications in accordance with PL e /category 4 in accordance with EN13849-1 and SIL3 (EN62061) standards.