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Using Wieland Electric’s modular safety portfolio, safety-related machine concepts can precisely be adapted to customer applications, eliminating the risk of overdimensioning.
The products’ ease of use not only saves time but also helps to avoid errors. Mechanical and plant engineers profit not only from the integrated Wieland portfolio ranging from sensors to safety relays and safe control systems, but also from practice-related workshops on risk analysis and on creating the necessary conformity declarations according to the EU machinery directive.
Wieland Electric’s safety portfolio is subdivided into four product groups: sensor PRO safety sensors and switches, series S4000 safety relays, samos®  safety modules and samos® PRO safety control systems.
Magnetic safety sensors from the SMA series are provided for safe signal measurement. They are suitable for no-contact position monitoring of mobile protective devices, even with heavy vibrations, larger distance tolerances, or in contaminated environments. The robust and compact series SIN and SMS safety switches can be implemented e.g. in safe position monitoring of mobile, isolating protective devices according to EN 1088. The sensor PRO product range also includes the SNH series emergency-stop pushbuttons. Analysis of safe signals can optionally be performed with numerous safety relays of the S4000 series, samos® configurable safety modules or with the software-based samos® PRO modular safety system. High machine availability can be implemented both using the numerous diagnostic options of the samos® PRO safety mini PLC and the universal, intelligent SNO4083KM safety switching device. The latter features, among others, the so-called monoflop function and is insensitive to touch signals or bouncing switches. Further, this device is suitable for harsh ambient conditions and has all relevant industry approvals to certify its robustness.
As a safety systems expert, Wieland also supports designers in practice with the safety certifications required by the machinery directive. In Wieland’s safety training sessions, users get to know the database software SISTEMA and the web-based documentation software DOCUFY Machine Safety. The software helps with the standards-compliant risk assessment documentation through to the creation of the declaration of conformity.

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