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The new contact extension relays SNE 4024K and SNE 4012K by Wieland Electric have a width of only 22.5 mm and can be used universally for all safety-oriented applications. Particularly the SNE 4024K with its two independent contact groups equipped with 2 safe enabling current paths each provides for the highest possible safety performance in most limited space.
The new contact extension relays SNE 4024K and SNE 4012K are, for example, used in connection with safe base devices from the safeRELAY series or with the safe control products from the samos or samosPRO series. They enable the realization of safety-relevant functions like emergency stop, guard door or safety light grid control.
The contact extension relays SNE 4024K and SNE 4012K are approved for traditional safety tasks on the area of engineering and plant construction, as well as for elevator construction applications (EN 81-1) or application in controls for industrial firing systems (EN 50156-1). The devices are offered with pluggable screw or spring-loaded clamps in order to minimize the assembly efforts and the breakdown time in case of maintenance; all output contacts are equipped with a switching capacity of up to 6 A / 230 VAC.
The devices SNE 4024K and SNE 4012K are TÜV type tested and can be used for safety-oriented applications up to PL e / category 4 in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1, and SILCL 3 in accordance with EN 62061.

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