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The risk assessment carried out in accordance with the EC Machinery Directive is the basis of a safe design.

Preparing risk assessments is a legal obligation. According to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, the manufacturer must ensure that “a risk assessment is carried out to identify the health and safety requirements which apply to the machine”.
The whole product life cycle of the machine must be taken into consideration here – from transport, assembly, commissioning, setup mode, normal operation, maintenance and repairs, to decommissioning, disassembly, and disposal.
Should an incident occur, the documentation serves as essential evidence, which the manufacturer can use to prove that the product complies with the requirements of the relevant EC guidelines.
Prepare risk assessments in a modular way: simple, fast and in line with legal requirements.
The special DOCUFY Machine Safety software can considerably reduce the time and effort needed for preparing risk assessments. The web-based software allows prior assessments of components to be re-used as modules. Using the systematic working method which DOCUFY Machine Safety allows, the mechanical engineer also automatically meets the formal requirements according to DIN EN ISO 12100.
The risks are evaluated with dynamic risk graphs, which quickly and clearly direct the user to the correct risk-priority number. Once the specific need for action has been identified, the measures for reducing the risk are described.
Additional functions, such as the cross-company management of to-do lists, template management for risk reduction solutions, integrated management of standards and version management, all significantly improve the quality of the risk assessment. The application can also be used for producing warning notices for the instruction manual and the declaration of conformity.
Integrated SISTEMA interface
DOCUFY Machine Safety also provides an interface for the free SISTEMA software tool from the IFA (Institute for Occupational Health and Safety), which supports calculation and documentation of the Performance Levels (PLr) according to DIN EN 13849-1. The safety functions from DOCUFY Machine Safety are transferred into SISTEMA with the PLr. The Wieland library for SISTEMA with data from the Wieland safety components and systems completes the software package – including application support from Wieland Electric Technical Support.