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Designers use the commonly accepted SISTEMA software tool from the German institute for working safety (IFA) for calculating the performance level according to the machinery directive.
Leading safety component manufacturers provide operators with the relevant parameters in the form of libraries at no cost. 
Wieland Electric have thoroughly updated their SISTEMA library, integrating all new products from the safety portfolio. The Wieland SISTEMA library 2012 can be freely downloaded from the IFA website or from Wieland’s homepage and the E-catalog available at that site.
The library includes all product innovations such as the intelligent universal device SNO4083KM with numerous industry approvals and diagnostic options, the safety relays of the new 1000 series, that are characterized by compact design and can fulfill simple safety functions, as well as the SIN series mechanical switches (with tumbler) and the SMS series (design 2 mechanical switches).
All of the components are laid out as subsystem. This helps the SISTEMA library to be utilized much more easily, while sources of error are largely reduced. This is particularly beneficial for inexperienced users. In addition, application engineers from the Wieland safety hotline also provide direct application support for the software tool and the library: 0951-9324-999.

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