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Safe Combustion


Our solutions have been specifically tailored to the extreme environmental and performance demands of thermal-processing plants. Wieland’s safety components are able to meet the latest regulatory requirements across multiple jurisdictions.

The darling of our product line-up is the samos® PRO safety controller, which includes the safety programming software samos® PLAN 6 complete with certified safety functions specific to the combustion industry. Easily monitor your air/fuel ratio, furnace pressure, temperature, pressure, and combustion airflow levels to ensure compliance throughout your plant.


  • Customized solutions for multiple applications
  • Automatic verification reports with circuit diagrams
  • Simultaneous communication for up to 3 field-buses
  • Simple software programming to streamline complex processes
  • Certified function block library for safe-combustion applications involving analog, digital, and potential-free monitoring
Discover how to expand your application possibilities by effectively combining PR Electronic converters, thermocouples, signal doublers, and communication units.

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