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Effective Monitoring to Keep Your Plant Safe and Compliant

The new generation of safe analog input modules found in the samos® PRO COMPACT safety controller allows for the evaluation, monitoring, and visualization of analog sensors for:
  • fill level monitoring
  • minimum/maximum pressure
  • fuel/air ratio monitoring 
  • flow rates and quantities of all types of media
  • temperature monitors
  • external universal transmitters


Reduced costs, increased efficiency

  • Connect up to 48 analog sensors in 2/3/4-wire technology, eliminating the need for safety temperature monitors
  • Safety controller can be integrated into any operating management system to provide a simple, all-in-one solution
  • Transmission of all raw values, analysis, and status visualization can be done at any time with the included programming software samos® PLAN 6
  • Predefined online libraries allow users to set parameters with the click of a button

Simple implementation according to TÜV and C standards

Certified function blocks and solutions according to:

  • SIL CL3 according to EN 62061
  • PLe / Cat. 4 according to EN ISO 13849-1
  • EN 746-2 Industrial Thermoprocessing Equipment
  • EN 50156-1 Electrical Equipment for Furnaces

Discover how to expand your application possibilities by effectively combining PR Electronic converters, thermocouples, signal doublers, and communication units.


Our solutions have been specifically tailored to the extreme environmental and performance demands of thermal-processing plants. Wieland’s safety components are able to meet the latest regulatory requirements across multiple jurisdictions.

The darling of our product line-up is the samos® PRO safety controller, which includes the safety programming software samos® PLAN 6 complete with certified safety functions specific to the combustion industry. Easily monitor your air/fuel ratio, furnace pressure, temperature, pressure, and combustion airflow levels to ensure compliance throughout your plant.

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