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Universal Safety Relay SNO4083 Series accept wide range of sensor inputs for machine safety…


Wieland Electric develops compact universal safety relay for monitoring a wide range of machine safety functions, including emergency stops, elevator access control, and heating/burner installations.  The SNO4083 Series universal safety relays provide reliable monitoring for emergency stop and non-contact protection systems for machine operators in harsh industrial environments.

The SNO4083 Series universal safety relays accept inputs from single and dual channel emergency stop sensors with dry contacts (NO+NO or NO+NC), as well as PNP outputs from active sensors, reed switches from coded magnet actuators, and resistive inputs from safety mats and bumper switches. The relay’s output features 3 NO and 1 NC auxiliary contacts. The SNO4083 Series relays are available in 24Vdc or 115/230Vac versions with either screw-clamp or spring-clamp pluggable terminations. Synchronous time monitoring function (1.5s and 0.5s) ensures that faulty sensors or improper adjustment is detected.

 "The SNO4083 Series relays feature Wieland's MONOFLOP input de-bouncing function which effectively eliminates the effects of contact bounce in the machine's safety circuit. This ensures reliable reset behavior of the relay every time," said Martin Lalonde, application engineer at Wieland Electric. "In addition, the relay provides test pulse signals on the sensor side to provide higher diagnostic coverage and faster fault detection of crossed circuits. The SNO4083 also features a three-LED status display on the front face with practice-oriented blink codes to display typical fault conditions and facilitate troubleshooting and diagnostics."

The Wieland SNO4083 Series universal safety relays are also approved to EN 81-1 standards for elevator applications and to EN 50156-1 standards (electrical equipment for furnaces and ancillary equipment) for burner control application.

The 22.5mm wide DIN rail mounted modules are available with either screw clamp or cage clamp terminals.


> PDF: Press release SNO 4083 Series
> JPG: Product picture SNO 4083KM