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sensor PRO Interlock Switches


The mechanical safety switches in the SMS 2000, SMS 3000 and SMS 4000 series are suitable for the reliable position monitoring of movable guards (EN 60947-5-3).

If the associated guard on the machine is opened, the hazardous machine movement is switched off.

In addition to 3 physical sizes, the extraction force of the actuator can be selected to acoomodate smaller or heavier doors or to prevent nuisance trips in machine with high shock and vibration.

The SMS line is complemented by a range of actuators to accomodate larger forces, smaller doors, and applications where alignement issues may occasionally arise.

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Actuator*ContactsExtraction Force ModelPart No.Datasheet
Standard actuator1NC 10 N SMS 3010 R1.320.3010.0Download
Actuator for increased force 1NC 30 N SMS 3210 R1.320.3210.0Download
Radius actuator 1NC 10 N SMS 3110 R1.320.3110.0Download
Standard actuator 1NC/1NO 10 N SMS 4040 R1.320.4040.0Download
Actuator for increased force 1NC/1NO 30 N SMS 4240 R1.320.4240.0Download
Radius actuator 1NC/1NO 10 N SMS 4140 R1.320.4140.0Download
Standard actuator 2NC 10 N SMS 4020 R1.320.4020.0Download
Actuator for increased force 2NC 30 N SMS 4220 R1.320.4220.0Download
Radius actuator 2NC 10 N SMS 4120 R1.320.4120.0Download
Standard actuator 2NC/1NO 10 N SMS 4070 R1.320.4070.0Download
Actuator for increased force 2NC/1NO 30 N SMS 4270 R1.320.4270.0Download
Radius actuator 2NC/1NO 10 N SMS 4170 R1.320.4170.0Download
Standard actuator 2 1NC/1NO 10 N SMS 2040 R1.320.2040.0Download
Actuator for increased force 1NC/1NO 50 N SMS 2240 R1.320.2240.0Download
Standard actuator 2 2NC 10 N SMS 2020 R1.320.2020.0Download
Actuator for increased force 2NC 50 N SMS 2220 R1.320.2220.0Download
Standard actuator 2 2NC/1NO 10 N SMS 2070 R1.320.2070.0Download
Actuator for increased force 2NC/1NO 50 N SMS 2270 R1.320.2270.0Download
Standard actuator (included with SMS3xxx/SMS4xxx)--SMS 9001 R1.320.9001.0Download
Actuator for increased force--SMS 9002 R1.320.9002.0Download
Radius actuator--SMS 9003 R1.320.9003.0Download
Standard actuator (included with SMS2xxx)--SMS 9004 R1.320.9004.0Download
* The relevant actuator is included in the scope of delivery