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sensor PRO Emergency Stops


Emergency stop buttons of the SNH series are used on or near machines for the protection of persons. They serve the purpose of switching off / stopping machines and systems to avoid or reduce emerging or existing hazards to persons. Emergency stop buttons of the SNH series are also used to avoid damage to the machine or working material.

Wieland's SNH series of emergency stop operators include illuminated, IP69K, key lock options and many more. Their modular design permits various actuating elements to be freely combined with the chosen contact design.

Failure protection

The emergency stop buttons of the SNH series have a special failure protection mechanism that automatically detects when a contact block is removed from the respective actuating element and then switches off safely. This is a great way to reduce the frequency of e-stop function tests. It also greatly improves the reliability and safety of the e-stop button with minimal additional costs.


Read more: SNH emergency stop actuators catalog pages

TypeIP RatingIlluminatedFailure ProtectionContactsModelPart Datasheet
Contact block---1 NCSNH 0001 R1.200.0001.0 Download
Contact block--Yes1 NCSNH 0002 R1.200.0002.0 Download
Contact block-YesYes1 NCSNH 0003 R1.200.0003.0 Download
Contact block---1 NC / 1 NOSNH 0011 R1.200.0011.0 Download
Contact block--Yes1 NC / 1 NOSNH 0012 R1.200.0012.0 Download
Contact block-YesYes1 NC / 1 NOSNH 0013 R1.200.0013.0 Download
Contact block---2 NCSNH 0021 R1.200.0021.0 Download
Contact block--Yes2 NCSNH 0022 R1.200.0022.0 Download
Contact block-YesYes2 NCSNH 0023 R1.200.0023.0 Download
Contact block---2 NC / 1 NOSNH 0031 R1.200.0031.0 Download
Contact block--Yes2 NC / 1 NOSNH 0032 R1.200.0032.0 Download
Contact block-YesYes2 NC / 1 NOSNH 0033 R1.200.0033.0 Download
Contact block--Yes4 NCSNH 0043 R1.200.0043.0 Download
Contact block-Yes-3 NC / 1 NOSNH 0044 R1.200.0044.0 Download
ActuatorIP65--SNH 0200 R1.200.0200.0 Download
ActuatorIP69K--SNH 0300 R1.200.0300.0 Download
ActuatorIP65--SNH 0100 R1.200.0100.0 Download
ActuatorIP65Yes-SNH 0400 R1.200.0400.0 Download
ActuatorIP65--SNH 0500 R1.200.0500.0 Download
ActuatorIP65--SNH 0600 R1.200.0600.0 Download
ActuatorIP65--SNH 0700 R1.200.0700.0 Download
Actuator + Contacts---1NCSNH 1101 R1.200.1101.0 Download
Actuator + Contacts--Yes1NCSNH 1102 R1.200.1102.0 Download
Actuator + Contacts---1 NC / 1 NOSNH 1111 R1.200.1111.0 Download
Actuator + Contacts--Yes1 NC / 1 NOSNH 1112 R1.200.1112.0 Download
Actuator + Contacts---2 NCSNH 1121 R1.200.1121.0 Download
Actuator + Contacts--Yes2 NCSNH 1122 R1.200.1122.0 Download
Actuator + Contacts---2 NC / 1 NOSNH 1131 R1.200.1131.0 Download
Actuator + Contacts--Yes2 NC / 1 NOSNH 1132 R1.200.1132.0 Download
Actuator + Contacts--Yes4 NCSNH 1143 R1.200.1143.0 Download
Mounting BoxIP67--SNH 6001 R1.200.6001.0 Download
Emergency stop adhesive plate---SNH 6010 R1.200.6010.0 Download