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The safety relays in the SNA, SNO, SNS, SNT and SNZ families feature safe internal logic for monitoring safety functions in industrial machinery up to CAT4/PLe. The SNO4083 is a good general purpose relay, offering design flexibility to MRO and OEM alike. Others are trimmed to specific functions to maximize cost efficiency.

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Legend: S=Single Channel |  D=Dual Channel | A=Antivalent | P=PNP | M=Mat 


SDAPMContactsSupplyMonoflopPlugAuto Reset*ModelPart No.Datasheet
SDAPM3NO+1NC24 V DC YesScrewYesSNO4083KM-A R1.188.3580.0 Download
SDA-M3NO+1NC115-230VAC YesScrewYesSNO4083KM-A R1.188.3590.0 Download
SDAPM3NO+1NC24 V DC YesSpringYesSNO4083KM-C R1.188.3600.0 Download
SDA-M3NO+1NC115-230VAC YesSpringYesSNO4083KM-C R1.188.3610.0 Download
SDAPM3NO+1NC24 V DC YesScrewYesSNO4083KM-A R1.188.3830.0 Download
SDA-M3NO+1NC115-230VAC YesScrewYesSNO4083KM-A R1.188.3840.0 Download
SDAPM3NO+1NC24 V DC YesSpringYesSNO4083KM-C R1.188.3850.0 Download
SDA-M3NO+1NC115-230VAC YesSpringYesSNO4083KM-C R1.188.3860.0 Download
SD-P-2NO+1NC24 V AC/DC YesScrewYesSNO4062K-A R1.188.0700.2 Download
SD-PM2NO+1NC24 V AC/DC YesScrewYesSNO4062KM-A R1.188.0720.2 Download
SD-P-2NO+1NC24 V AC/DC YesSpringYesSNO4062K-C R1.188.2000.0 Download
-D-P-3NO12 V DC YesScrewYesSNO4063K-A R1.188.1120.0 Download
SD-P-3NO24 V AC/DC YesScrewYesSNO4063K-A R1.188.0990.0 Download
-D-P-3NO115-230VAC YesScrewYesSNO4063K-A R1.188.1000.0 Download
-D-P-3NO230 V AC YesScrewYesSNO4063K-A R1.188.1010.0 Download
SD-P-3NO24 V AC/DC YesSpringYesSNO4063K-C R1.188.2450.0 Download
SD-PM3NO24 V AC/DC YesScrewYesSNO4063KM-A R1.188.1280.0 Download
SD-P-3NO+1NC24 V AC/DC YesScrewYesSNA4043K-A R1.188.1810.0 Download
SD-P-3NO+1NC42-48 V AC YesScrewYesSNA4043K-A R1.188.1820.0 Download
SD-P-3NO+1NC115-120VAC YesScrewYesSNA4043K-A R1.188.1830.0 Download
SD-P-3NO+1NC230 V AC YesScrewYesSNA4043K-A R1.188.1840.0 Download
SD-P-3NO+1NC24 V AC/DC YesSpringYesSNA4043K-C R1.188.1940.0 Download
SD-P-3NO+1NC24 V AC/DC YesScrewYesSNA4043KM-A R1.188.3250.0 Download
SD-P-3NO+1NC24 V AC/DC YesSpringYesSNA4043KM-C R1.188.3400.0 Download
SD-P-3NO+1NCAC/DC 24 V YesScrewYesSNA4043KE-A R1.188.3810.0 Download
SD-P-3NO+1NCAC/DC 24 V YesSpringYesSNA4043KE-C R1.188.3820.0 Download
SD-P-4NO+1NC24 V AC/DC YesScrewYesSNA4044K-A R1.188.1860.0 Download
SD-P-4NO+1NC42-48 V AC YesScrewYesSNA4044K-A R1.188.1870.0 Download
SD-P-4NO+1NC115-120VAC YesScrewYesSNA4044K-A R1.188.1880.0 Download
SD-P-4NO+1NC230 V AC YesScrewYesSNA4044K-A R1.188.1890.0 Download
SD-P-4NO+1NC24 V AC/DC YesSpringYesSNA4044K-C R1.188.1960.0 Download
SD-P-4NO+1NC24 V AC/DC YesScrewYesSNA4044KM-A R1.188.1480.0 Download
SD-P-4NO+1NC24 V AC/DC YesSpringYesSNA4044KM-C R1.188.3410.0 Download
SD-P-3NO+1NC24 V AC/DC YesScrewSNA4063K-A R1.188.1440.0 Download
SD-P-3NO+1NC42-48 V AC YesScrewSNA4063K-A R1.188.1850.0 Download
SD-P-3NO+1NC115-120VAC YesScrewSNA4063K-A R1.188.1450.0 Download
SD-P-3NO+1NC230 V AC YesScrewSNA4063K-A R1.188.1460.0 Download
SD-P-3NO+1NC24 V AC/DC YesSpringSNA4063K-C R1.188.1950.0 Download
SD-P-3NO+1NC24 V AC/DC YesScrewSNA4063KM-A R1.188.3290.0 Download
SD-P-3NO+1NC24 V AC/DC YesSpringSNA4063KM-C R1.188.3420.0 Download
SD-P-4NO+1NC24 V AC/DC YesScrewSNA4064K-A R1.188.1900.0 Download
SD-P-4NO+1NC42-48 V AC YesScrewSNA4064K-A R1.188.1910.0 Download
SD-P-4NO+1NC115-120VAC YesScrewSNA4064K-A R1.188.1920.0 Download
SD-P-4NO+1NC230 V AC YesScrewSNA4064K-A R1.188.1930.0 Download
SD-P-4NO+1NC24 V AC/DC YesSpringSNA4064K-C R1.188.1970.0 Download
SD-P-4NO+1NC24 V AC/DC YesScrewSNA4064KM-A R1.188.3360.0 Download
SD-P-4NO+1NC24 V AC/DC YesSpringSNA4064KM-C R1.188.3430.0 Download
SD---3NO+1NC24 V AC/DC NoScrewYesSNO4003K-A R1.188.0500.1 Download
SD---3NO+1NC115-230VAC NoScrewYesSNO4003K-A R1.188.0900.1 Download
SD---3NO+1NC230 V AC NoScrewYesSNO4003K-A R1.188.0910.1 Download
SD---3NO+1NC24 V AC/DC NoSpringYesSNO4003K-C R1.188.1990.0 Download
SD---3NO+1NC115-230VAC NoSpringYesSNO4003K-C R1.188.4000.0 Download
SD---3NO+1NC230 V AC NoSpringYesSNO4003K-C R1.188.4010.0 Download
SD---2NO+1NC24 V AC/DC NoScrewYesSNO1012K-AR1.188.3740.0Download
SD---2NO+1NC24 V AC/DC NoSpringYesSNO1012K-CR1.188.3750.0Download
-DA--3NO24 V AC/DC NoScrewYesSNT4M63K-AR1.188.1050.0Download
-DA--3NO115-230VAC NoScrewYesSNT4M63K-AR1.188.1060.0Download
-DA--3NO230 V AC NoScrewYesSNT4M63K-AR1.188.1070.0Download
-DA--3NO24 V AC/DC NoSpringYesSNT4M63K-CR1.188.2390.0Download

All relays in this table also have a form of manual reset.