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Contact Expansion Relays - SNE

Whether additional contact are required to augment the outputs of a safety relay, add a timed output contact to a safety circuit, or converting a solid state outputs to a dry contact for higher voltage or current loads, the SNE series offer a variety of contact configurations tailored to your application.

Read more: Relay selection chart 

Output Contacts TimerSupplyTerminalsModelPartDatasheet
DPDT-24 V DCScrewSNE 1R1.188.3950.0Download
3NO + 2NC-24 V DCScrewSNE 4003K-AR1.188.1340.0Download
4NO + 2NC-24 V AC/DCScrewSNE 4004K-AR1.188.0590.0Download
4NO + 2NC-24 V AC/DCCage clampSNE 4004K-CR1.188.1980.0Download
4NO + 2NC0.5 s24 V DCScrewSNE 4004KV-AR1.188.0460.0Download
4NO + 2NC1 s24 V DCScrewSNE 4004KV-AR1.188.0470.0Download
4NO + 2NC2 s24 V DCScrewSNE 4004KV-AR1.188.0480.0Download
4NO + 2NC3 s24 V DCScrewSNE 4004KV-AR1.188.0490.0Download
4NO + 2NC0.5 s24 V DCCage clampSNE 4004KV-CR1.188.2410.0Download
4NO + 2NC1 s24 V DCCage clampSNE 4004KV-CR1.188.2420.0Download
4NO + 2NC2 s24 V DCCage clampSNE 4004KV-CR1.188.2430.0Download
4NO + 2NC3 s24 V DCCage clampSNE 4004KV-CR1.188.2440.0Download
2NO + 1NC-24 V DC ScrewSNE 4012K-A R1.188.3910.0 Download
2NO + 1NC-24 V DC Cage clampSNE 4012K-C R1.188.3920.0 Download
2 x (2NO + 1NC)-24 V DC ScrewSNE 4024K-A R1.188.3930.0 Download
2 x (2NO + 1NC)-24 V DC Cage clampSNE 4024K-C R1.188.3940.0 Download
8NO + 2NC-24 V DC ScrewSNE 4028S-A R1.188.3120.0 Download
8NO + 2NC-115-230 V AC ScrewSNE 4028S-A R1.188.3510.0 Download
8NO + 2NC-24 V DC Cage clampSNE 4028S-C R1.188.3540.0 Download
8NO + 2NC-115-230 V AC Cage clampSNE 4028S-C R1.188.3550.0 Download