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Active Worldwide


The group makes us strong

Wieland Holding is based in Bam­berg, Germany, and comprises two independently subsidiaries: Wieland Electric and STOCKO Contact.

Ground-breaking innovations make Wieland Electric one of the leading suppliers of electrical connection technology. This company, founded in Bamberg in 1910, is the largest subsidiary of Wieland Holding.

STOCKO Contact is based in Wuppertal and joined the Wieland Group in 2001. Stocko also has more than 100 years of company history to its credit and is one of the largest manufacturers of connector systems and crimp contacts.

The Wieland Group employs more than 2,000 people around the globe. With 15 locations and subsidiaries, and sales partners in more than 70 countries, Wieland Holding is present in nearly all important key markets worldwide. Wieland maintains a clear commitment to it's German location where most of the products are still manufactured

Established in industry

Control cabinet engineering, industrial automation, building system technology – our large product portfolio provides solutions for a wide range of applications.

From innovative interface and net­work technology to terminal blocks to "safety first" – with modular system solutions and safety components, with Wieland products in your control cabinet, you are always on the safe side.

Energy bus systems for distributed automation or indoor and outdoor field bus components mean Wieland technolo­gy can be found everywhere.

In building system technology, Wieland Electric is the world's market leader in pluggable electrical installation.

There are good reasons why our system solutions can be found in the most spectacular building projects worldwide. When it comes to electronic networking, Wieland leads the way to the “smart home”.

Welcome Future

Wieland Electric is 100 years young, and full of innovative energy. Our commitment for the future is not only to constantly find new system solutions for our customers but to also do this in a socially responsible way.

Environmentally friendly high-tech products, manufactured to the la­test production standards, an audited environmental management system and substantial investments in our locations are all part of this concept.

Global commitment and sustainable regional action – Wieland Electric is fit for the future: Contacts are green.