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Tool-free Safety Limit Switches

industrial safety switches

The new sensor PRO safety limit switches (series SLS) from Wieland provide safe position monitoring in almost any industrial application. With a metal actuator that can be turned and swapped without tools, sensor PRO SLS switches are a highly reliable position monitoring solution rated to IP66/ 67.

Series SLS switches are suitable for use in conveyor object detection, end-position control, door position detection, and many other safety applications. Actuation of the switch contacts is monitored by Wieland’s safety relays, samos®PRO COMPACT safety controller, or similar devices and will shut down the machine immediately, addressing any safety hazard.


Benefits at a glance:

• Self-cleaning contacts

• IP66 and IP67 rated protection

• Mechanical life of up to 30 million operations

• Maximum contact reliability of 1mA at 24VDC

• Highest reliability of switching even at very low currents

• High robustness due to the metallic actuator and mounting bracket

• Tool-free turning of the actuator and tool-free replacement of the actuator

• Actuators can be rotated or swapped in 45 ° increments by pulling the fastening clip


Ordering information, features and application examples for the new products and suitable accessories can be found in the Wieland Safety Catalog.